Valentine’s Day Fun and Picnic

The boys and I had a great time this Valentine’s Day. First and foremost, John got home from a three night trip late last night, so first thing this morning the kids woke up to seeing daddy! Then it was pancakes and sausage, getting dressed, and off to school.

Jack had a great big day at school. At 9:30 the kids had a very special Valentine’s Day snack. I am the room mom so I took the class pink and chocolate cupcakes with heart shaped rings on them. Yummm. They also had a special valentine’s day gift exchange and arts and crafts. Jack’s teachers are awesome and come up with the cutest activities. Then for lunch the pizza man came and delivered pizza to the classroom. This is huge for Jack. He LOVED it. It was also the class’ first day to go to Chapel. What a big day at school! Jack told me this evening that he had “the most fun at school today.”

While Jack was having so much fun, I decided Grayson deserved something special too, so we headed to Schlotzsky’s to pick up a sandwich, chips and cookie. Then we headed for the Capitol, which is right across the street from our Church and Jack’s preschool, for a picnic. We sat and ate together on our blanket. Grayson was very hungry, as usual. Then I sat and watched him run around. It was so wonderful, the weather was perfect. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. See more pics here.

After picking up Jack we headed home and all had naps. I even took a nap which is pretty rare these days. When the kids woke up we went through all of Jack’ valentines from school and everyone had a lollipop.

When John got home (with a rose, champagne and cheesecake in tow) we cooked a delicious steak dinner and enjoyed spending time with the boys. Then it was more presents from mommy and daddy, nana and papa, aunt peggy, and one more lollipop to get thru bath time.

We couldn’t have dreamed up a better valentine’s day!

3 Replies to “Valentine’s Day Fun and Picnic”

  1. Hello Christine and John,

    We have a question about a post of yours, from 2005…
    My fiancee and I are planning our wedding at the Hacienda San Gabriel de Barrera, where your friends Jennifer and Daniel got married in 2005.

    We were wondering if we could get in touch with them about planning a wedding in Mexico, as we (Mexican and Dutch) are living in the UK and have no idea where to start.

    Thank you for your great blog!!

  2. i really like the picture of Grayson coming down the hill in front of the capital building. See how his arms are outstreached?

    I have a picture of him as wallpaper on the ibook where his arms are outstreached the same way but he was sitting on the floor in San Diego.

    He looks like a very happy baby in the San Diego picture, but he looks like a happy boy in the picture in front of the capital.


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