On December 9th and 10th, Shadel and Ella came up to Austin to visit. On the evening of the 9th, Christine and Shadel went to Central Market to learn how to cook, while I stayed home with all three kids by myself. Woohoo! We had fun.

The next day, Ella and Jack put lights on the tree for us, and I snapped a few photos:

More photos of the kids putting the lights on the tree here.

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Just a few shots from Jack taking a shower:

I guess now that he’s old enough to poop and pee in the potty, he’s grown out of the bath. He no longer wants to take a bath, but if you ask him if he wants to shower, he says “yeah, yeah” and runs to the bathroom and starts taking off his clothes… The joys of being a parent.

More photos here.

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A few weeks ago, I took some photos of Grayson one morning. These are my favorite two:

There are a few more here. He’s getting big, isn’t he?

We went to his two month checkup this past week, and the doc said he’s doing great. He weighed 13.7 pounds, and was 80th percentile in weight. He got four shots, and took them like a man… well, a man that’s two months old and doesn’t like shots 😉

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This post will sound a little cheezy, sorry.

I’m so proud of Jack.

Our normal evening routine with Jack is to let him eat dinner, then to take a bath and then to wear his bath robe while sitting on the couch with Christine or I while he drinks his cup of milk before bed.

However, that routine changed this past Monday night.

On Monday night, after drinking his milk, Jack asked to take his robe off, so we let him run around naked. While he ran around naked, we kept asking him “Jack, do you need to go potty?” primarily because he’s gone potty on the floor once before, and we’re hoping that he’s learning when he “needs” to go…

To our surprise, on Monday night, he said “yes, potty.” So I picked him up, and walked into the bathroom and sat him on the big toilet.

He sat there, and bent over, and looked at his pee-pee, and you could just tell he was just waiting for pee to start coming out. So I told him to “push a little, Jack.”

He did, and a few minutes later, he was peeing. “Woohoo!” I yelled, as I gave Christine the play by play…

She was pretty proud. I was super extremely proud.

He was done… after one little squirt and about 2 seconds. So, we got up to go wash hands.

And as soon as I’d turned on the water, he needed to go again, so, I sat him back up on the seat. And, this time, he really went.

Man, I was proud. My kid knows how to pee in the potty. Granted he was sitting down, peeing like a girl, but it’s better than peeing in a diaper. Wow. My boy knows how to pee, on command, and I was there to teach him how to do it.

Isn’t being a dad great!

Then, today, Christine called me at work to tell me that Jack told her he needed to potty again today, but this time, instead of going pee-pee on the big toilet, he went poo on the little boy’s potty that we borrowed from Cyndi and Marc…

So there you have it, the latest news from the Engler house. We now know that 3 out of four family members peeing and pooing in the potty. Most of the time at least.

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