So, I’m about to turn in for the night, when someone emails me about the latest website for dog lovers…

It’s a place that any dog lover can visit to order some really yummy “scooby snacks” for their most precious companion

check it out for yourself:
Brown Dog Institute

Yum, yum…

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Those crazy Aggies are up to it again. It looks like the A&M has cloned a domestic house cat. To which I say “why would anyone want two cats that are exactly the same?” I mean… Patton is a great kitty, but really? two of them? why?

I’m sure Christine wouldn’t mind, but that would mean twice the litter box work, for the same amount of enjoyment…

though it might be funny to watch them play 😉

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yesterday, we took wesley to the groomers, cause I let him get too matted, and we were worried about him… so they cut off all of his hair, and now he looks pretty funny. he looks alot like Debbie and Raymond’s “Matted Dog”.

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