Austin’s Annual Kite Festival

Every year, Austin throws a big party at Zilker Park, and calls it the Annual Kite Festival.

This year, because the weather was nice, the boys were old enough, and Aunt Peggy lives in Austin now, we decided to attend. And boy did we have fun?

We couldn’t get our kite to fly, but luckily, Josh Baer had a kite in the air when we got there, so he let Jack fly his kite for a few minutes, while Amy Baer held Grayson (who never goes to strangers as easily as he jumped into her arms) and helped him pet a friend of their’s puppy.

There were other friends from work there as well, and we all took turns flying Josh’s kite.

Then, Aunt Peggy went and bought a kite that would actually fly, and she got it up in the air, while Grayson held the rope for her

While Peggy and Grayson were flying a kite, Christine and Jack went over to the rock wall to climb it. Jack actually climbed up around 6 or 8 feet, and had fun until he realized if he went any higher we couldn’t help him hold on… it’ll be fun to see how high he gets every year from now on.

All in all, it was lots of fun.

We left right as the first signs of rain started to show, and on the way to the car we felt a few drops of rain, but it never really rained on us.

We stopped at Wally’s Burgers on the way home, ate quickly and took naps. It was a full day.

The rest of the photos are here.

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  1. What a fun day!!! Can’t wait til next year. We’ll find the AGGIE kite for that one.

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