Twitter Updates for 2007-10-12

  • Its 11pm and we just put the kids to bed. Small town fairs wear me out! #
  • i am at the North Austin Texas DPS office getting a replacement drivers license. Would you believe they don’t take credit cards? #
  • Governent offices are so horribly inefficient. 40 minutes to get a replacement license. #

Twitter Updates for 2007-10-11

  • Jack, Grayson and I are in Bellville, TX on our own for the night (actually we’re with my mom). Having fun in the house where I grew up. #
  • Life is so much slower and enjoyable I’m a town of 3,000. There is no free wifi anywhere in Bellville as far as I know. Not even any p … #
  • When I retire I will open a coffee shop in a small town and offer free wifi. #
  • Sitting on highway 159 in Bellville. Waiting on the Austin County Fair parade. #