I recommend anyone that knows me needs to read up on what my buddy Josh has been up to in the last week… Seems like I’m just as excited that he’s moving to Temple as he is…

I just hope Elise finds a job in Temple soon, and she can just move up there with him, while the lease runs on empty in Austin…

Christine and I had our apartment lease open for a full month after we moved into our house… sure we wasted a month’s worth of rent, but it was worth it to be together (I was planning on working out of the apartment for a few weeks, but we figured “screw that” pretty quickly).

Jump on over to Janicek.com to see what Josh’s bladder has been up to.

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Woohoo!!!! I just have to tell everyone how excited that I am that Josh, my best friend since highschool, is going to soon join the world of the employed. For those of you that don’t know, Josh has shown amazing loyalty, sticking it out with a company that he knew was going down last year (Vidbook) and was eventually fired, when the owner decided to close the doors.

He’s been leaching off the government on unemployment, while looking for something new since then, and thankfully this week, he received a formal job offer from a company in Temple, TX, for a job as a Webmaster/Developer (or something close). I’m so excited that he has a job, cause now I know that I won’t have to listen to him when he’s depressed, and he can pick me up when I am… (Josh, I’m just kidding about the leaching and the ‘i won’t have to listen to you bit’).

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Monday, February 18th, is Mary’s Birthday, so we invited the entire Kamp family over to our house in Forth Worth to visit for the day, and to celebrate Mary’s Birthday. They all arrived around 3:00, and dinner was to be had at 4:00. Christine got up this morning at 6:00 am to cook a large pot roast with apples and apple gravy, and the house was cleaned up by the time they arrived… and dinner was almost ready.

After a couple of bottles of wine, a wonderful dinner, and a lot of catching up (we haven’t seen Steven or Jenny, and Michael in a while) we all decided it was time to sing the birthday girl a song, so we gathered around Mary to sing her “Happy Birthday”. Christine made Mary a double decker Red Velvet cake with Cream-cheese icing. She decorated the top of the cake with a red rose and cake crumbs. It was delicious, and the Birthday girl “got over” on the number of candles I think…

After cake, our wonderful neighbors, the Bullocks, came over so that we could also celebrate Tommy’s 1st birthday, which was last week. While they were here, we asked them to take a family picture of us, so that we could preserve the moment. We all gathered on the stairs, even Wesley and Patton, and Karen snapped this photo of us. You can see where the Kamp’s get their wonderful looks. Aren’t we marvelous?

Friends and family on a Sunday afternoon… who could ask for more?

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Thanks to my buddy Josh, I’m now a qualified hand model. Josh’s wedding photographers, Bill Kennedy and Jennie Lindberg, have decided to use a picture of my hands, holding Josh and Elise’s rings on their website. That’s pretty cool, IMO. (click into their flash enabled site, and you’ll see my hands at the bottom of their navigation bar)

So, I’ll add that to my resume here shortly, and I’ll see if I can turn up any new work for my hands…

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Those crazy Aggies are up to it again. It looks like the A&M has cloned a domestic house cat. To which I say “why would anyone want two cats that are exactly the same?” I mean… Patton is a great kitty, but really? two of them? why?

I’m sure Christine wouldn’t mind, but that would mean twice the litter box work, for the same amount of enjoyment…

though it might be funny to watch them play 😉

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just ran across this at work and I thought I’d share it with you


Enjoy, and yes, it’s all clean… and really really funny…

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This past weekend was one that I will cherish forever in my memories of both my Grandmother and my mom. We spent it in Oklahoma City. There were two reasons for the trip, I had to give Grandmother her Christmas present and we had to finalize some of the arrangements for her 90th birthday party…

Shortly after we arrived I brought in Grandmother’s Christmas gift. It is a cross stitch that I had been working on for three years (since living in Kentucky). I didn’t have it complete for Christmas so I packaged up a card telling her that I would bring her gift to her at the end of January. The cross stitch is a floral scene with the music and words for the hymn “Nearer My God To Thee” stiched over the flowers. She loved it!!! She had mom and I rearrange the pictures in her entry way so that it can be seen as soon as you enter her house. (I will post pictures as soon as I figure out how.)

Then we went to Friday night dinner with Grandmother’s friends at Jonny’s hamburger joint. I was told many times how sweet Grandmother is… this I already know. That night we watched the Opening Ceremony for the 2002 Winter Olymics.

On Saturday we ran several errands and got a great deal accomplished for her 90th birthday party. While we were out she bought herself jewelry and a hand bag to wear for her party. Once we were home she got them out as we watched the Olympics so that she could see her “new and pretty things.” She reminded me of a teenager excited about her new purchases.

On Sunday we went to Sunday School and Church, ate lunch at a nearby cafeteria, and drove by the OKC bombing memorial. It was a sweet and somber end to a perfect weekend. As we were dirving back to DFW, mom thanked me for coming stating that I don’t get many free weekends to do what I want to do. Honestly, I can not think of any better way to spend the weekend than with my triple generation buddies!!!

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I came across this quote today, and it seems so cliche, yet so pertinent to so many of the things I come across daily. I thought I’d share it with you:

“By failing to plan, you’re planning to fail.”
— unknown

just plan a little and your life will be more enjoyable… and this can be very pervasive… when you see some success in one area, you can apply those lessons to other areas… i wish more people that I interacted with planned a little more…

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just a quick note to let everyone know that I really enjoyed my weekend with the National Guard. It’s great to be in “the army” again… even if it’s just one weekend a month. I forgot how much I missed the comraderie and Espirit d’corps that should be a large part of the Army experience. It just wasn’t there when I was on active duty at Fort Lewis, and I think perhaps, that’s why I hated it. There’s nothing like being around solders who enjoy learning and working hard…

I’ll leave you with a quote on this note:

“Success is more attitude than aptitude.”
— Ben Franklin, American Patriot

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Now this is funny…

Some guy has put a “Bill Clinton” quarter on ebay, and it’s a Dutch Auction, so you can order as many as you want…

The auction ends soon, so don’t miss your chance to buy one now 😉

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hi, i am the mother of this computer wizard. he has always been a little all knowing. but he has done well with this type of ego. he is boy wonder. hope he keeps up the articles. i hope he remembers to keep the kooks in the kook file. love the survey, call moms whenever you can……….

– love j.r.’s mom.

p.s. his mom is terrible at this computer stuff!

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I might not get a change post anything before Friday, so I figured I’d let everyone know that I’m heading to National Guard Drill this weekend at Fort Wolters, TX. It’s not far from here, so it shouldn’t be too bad of a drive… I just hope the weather holds up. I still don’t have my basic issue of equipment, so I’m hoping I can get by on what I still have from my active duty days, as honestly, I don’t even have an ID card to get on base to buy more of what I need… ah… the Army life… so refreshing… [map and photos of terrain] [learn more from google.com]

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I suppose that it’s all for the best, but it seems that A&M has decided not to have a bonfire this fall. God Bless those 12 Aggies that lost their lives on November 18, 1999.

Gig ‘Em…

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ok… this is just dumb…

Pepsi, Yahoo, or maybe even Britney herself, is auctioning off the Britney Spears clothes from the latest round of commercials…

What really annoys me is that you know that the only people willing to bid this much money on this crap have to be old men, who should know better…

Then again… that’s just an assumption on my part… but it is sad that some clothes that Britney wore are going for over $10, 000. ugh… at least the proceeds benefit some form of charity… even if it is the “Britney Spears Foundation” (who does that support?)

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Christine and I went to the local CompUSA today to check out the new iMac from Apple. It’s totally cool. The fact that we could buy a computer that will do everything we might want it to do, and it’s under $2000 is totally cool.

We also checked out the new 14″ iBook but can’t decide is a G3 processor is enough for what we want…

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