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We're all home. Today is Thanksgiving day, and Christine and I have so much to be thankful for. Most of all, we're thankful that we're home, and our little Jack is healthy. "Jack?" you may be saying. Yes, "Jack". The baby's given name is John Robert Engler, Jr. He's named after his grandfather's (my Dad's) best friend, our Uncle John, and his Daddy. To ease the confusion about who we're referring to when we're talking about John Engler or the baby though, as well as to give the baby a sense of individuality, we've decided to call him "Jack", which is short for John. Yes, I know it's not really shorter than John, but that's how we'll explain the nickname. Calling the baby "Jack" also honors my uncle Jack, who was one of the wisest men I ever knew, and I know will be looking after him as he grows. So, look for us to call him either "Jack" [] or "little John" or "little John Robert". You can call him whatever you want, but we'll be calling him "Jack" most of the time. . . . So, we're all home safe and sound, and healthy. Jack is one hungry little son of a gun , lemme tell you. He's eating like a champ. Christine has decided to breast feed him, so we probably won't get a whole lot of sleep these first few weeks of Jack's life, but I'm really happy she decided to give breast feeding a try. (And boy does it seem to be working well). Patton and Wesley have both been curious about the baby. I think they're just happy that we're home and that we didn't forget about them totally. They're indifferent to the baby now that they've had a chance to smell him and decide he's not food. Mary and Frank have been wonderful. Mary's cooking Thanksgiving dinner right now and Frank mowed the lawn for me (what a Godsend. . . with all the rain we've had lately, I've not been able to mow it). We're really lucky to have family willing to stay with us and help out. (I can't wait 'till my mom comes up and stays with us in a few weeks too). . . . We were so lucky to have sooo many good friends come visit us in the hospital. Sooo lucky. This kid's going to have so much support as he grows up we don't know what to say or think. To all of you that made it up to the hospital. . . thank you for making us feel so special. To everyone that couldn't make it, stop by anytime, or let us know when we should bring him over, and we'll be there (give us a few weeks to figure out this parenting thing though ;) . . . Lastly, Marc Swendner, a friend of ours that also happens to be a professional photographer, came by the hospital and took some . They are , and are the best photos we have of the little guy so far. We hope you'll agree that they came out great, and that the kid is just adorable. ?

. . . Happy Thankgiving.

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