So, last Friday, we ended our option period by accepting the offer that we’d come to agreement on with the current owner of the house we’re buying.

We close on 9/5. On 9/6 we’ll start demolishing the kitchen, tearing out all of the carpets, cleaning and painting all of the walls, and more… Remodel here we come!

I’ve posted a “walkthrough” of the inside of the house that Christine made one day while we were over there inspecting the house for potential problems. If you want to watch, here it is:

Walkthrough of the new Engler house before it is the Engler house. (by the way, it’s a 200MB file, so let it download… it’ll also likely require a relatively new computer to watch it, and the latest version of Quicktime)

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I haven’t written about this yet, for which I’m ashamed… I should have written something earlier… but, Christine sent me this photo and that makes me want to write it:

Earlier this year, Christine and a group of her friends decided to run the Danskin Triathlon. At first, I was dubious that they’d actually do it… But, as time wore on, and the event loomed near, Christine and her friends were training more and more…

And then, all of a sudden, it was the day: June 9th.

It was hotter’n’hell™ in Austin that day, and Marc picked me up earlier than early. Jack and I were going out to the park to watch Christine and show our support for her and all of the girls.

We arrived, parked, and then trekked 30 something miles from the parking lot to the swimming area, and arrived just in time to see Christine emerge from the lake. She ran to the bike area and tagged Cyndi (they were on a relay team).

Marc and I went and found some shade, (ok, we brought a tent) near the finish-line, and a few hours later Cyndi and Christine came running (they met up at the end of the bike event and ran together) up the hill towards us.

When Jack and Rowan saw their moms, they took off to join them crossing the finish-line, and I have this photo to show for it:

That’s Christine finishing her first Triathlon, and Jack helping motivate her… which I think it just precious.

Cyndi and Christine’s relay team name was “Dos Mamacitos” and they crossed the finish line, both with their oldest kids running along side them… definitely a day to remember for us, and them.

Congrats on running the race babe. I’m very proud of you for doing it.

Sorry, I’m a month late on writing this.

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