This past week or so has been a lot of fun for Grayson (well, at least for us, his parents). Just last Thursday evening, we got Grayson to squeal in delight, as we played with him on the couch. I captured a few minutes of it for you in this movie:

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Tuesday was a crazy snowy wintery weather kind of day. I don’t think it got above 32° here at the house.

I stayed home and worked from the home office, instead of trying to drive into work, although, I bet I could have driven to work in the morning, but by mid-afternoon, there was no way I was going anywhere.

Jack and Christine played outside a little in the snow (it’ll never snow when he’s two years old again) and had fun. It was crunchy and slippery on the icy grass and concrete.

Here’s a quick movie Christine shot of the front yard when it was really snowing:

And here are some photos I took in between phone calls (you should have seen me outside in my sandals and shorts trying to take photos without shaking… stupid, stupid, stupid). Yes, Jack is eating an icicle in one of them… ha!

And yes, this is one of my favorite songs of all time! Baby It’s Cold Outside, by Dinah Shore from back when music was real music, and people could really sing. If it’s cold outside, it’s a great pick-me up song.

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It’s still cold and yucky outside… there’s definitely a storm coming through:

Double Yuck!

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It’s yucky outside:


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One of the gifts Jack and Grayson got for Christmas was a mug and some hot chocolate mix from their GAM (Great Aunt Murrell). Jack is sooo funny. He’s never had hot chocolate before, in fact, the poor kid hasn’t had much chocolate for that matter.

So, last night, after we ate dinner, I made him some hot chocolate. Well, actually, it was more like luke-warm chocolate (wouldn’t want him to burn himself would we?).

Here’s a “during” shot:

And another:

And an after shot:

Too fun!

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I haven’t written as much about Grayson as I should have been. Christine and I just get so little down-time with two kids in the house, it’s hard to write…

So, as he turns three months old, I as reflect on his first three months of life, and this journey he’s making into the world…

I realize that Grayson really looks up to his big brother, and has started following him around the room when we have him in his little bouncy seat while Jack runs around and plays.

Grayson is super smart. I say that because just today he figured out how to scoot himself around the floor on his back. I’m not sure he knew where he was going, or why, but he scooted, and I realized I was really in for it when he’s up and running around with his brother.

Grayson is very attentive, and he is already starting to talk. Jack understands Grayson’s language and the two of them say “agoo” back and forth a lot. Grayson is also very helpful. He helps his brother climb into our laps whenever he’s already there and Jack wants to sit in our lap too.

Grayson is a ham. He’s always cheezin’ at us, or smiling and blowing bubbles.

Grayson’s lungs are very healthy. He doesn’t cry much (at least not now that we figured out he has acid reflux syndrome), but when he does, man can he belt it out.

Grayson’s lower lip can stick out pretty far. Whenever he’s mad, upset, or thinking about crying, he pouts really hard. His lip sticks out pretty far, and it’s adorable, even though we know when he does it that we better figure out what he wants and fast.

Grayson takes his medicine like a man. (See above for reference to Acid Reflux). Okay, maybe like an old man, but most of the time, Grayson takes all of this medicine, and when he does he feels much happier.

We love our little Grayson, and I can’t wait to see him grow up to make us proud.

See all of the photos from Grayson’s three month photo shoot with me here.

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Well, let’s see. It’s been almost a month since I’ve written… seems like the days keep getting shorter the older the boys get.

This year, for Christmas, we decided to make two trips over two weekends: one to Houston, and the second to Dallas.

We made our annual trek to Houston for the Teaff family Christmas on Friday, December 22nd. Jack is definitely growing up. Last year, he couldn’t even walk this time of year. This year, he was a rip roaring two-year old, and was really looking forward to Santa and presents (he figured out how much fun it was to open presents at his second birthday party in November).

Debbie and Raymond got a new dog. He’s a cutie.

We really had fun in Houston, seeing all of the family, and opening presents. Jack got plenty of presents, and totally had a blast. He really got into the whole tearing open the presents thing, and helped Christine and I open our presents, and opened most of Grayson’s presents for him too.

Dinner with the family was amazing. I think my favorite dish was the macaroni and cheese. I think I remember that Shirley made it, and her trick was to put a little sugar in it. Mmmmm, good.

For Christmas Eve, we needed to stall the kids, and help them burn off some excitement (while Santa was heading up the front walkway) so my mom (Momo) had all of the kids (Paige, Patrick, Iliki, Matthew, and Ella) dress up in nativity scene outfits and act out a nativity scene. It was so cute to see them all dressed up as Mary, Joseph and the other players. And they did a great job too.

Jack was a little scared of Santa, and wouldn’t sit on his lap, but we got him up there with Christine and Grayson for a photo. Grayson joined me for my visit with Santa too.

Everyone seems to be doing really well, and this year’s Christmas went off without a hitch. More photos from the Teaff Family Christmas here.

Then on New Year’s weekend, we made the trek up to Dallas for Christmas with the Kamp’s. The weather was pretty bad on the way up, but we made it in 4 hours… and as soon as we arrived, it really started pouring. We got lucky to make it there before the storms really hit hard.

Jack was in full present mode at Christmas at the Kamp’s too… and had a blast helping everyone open their presents. He got some great toys in Dallas, and Grayson did too. Funny thing though, is that Jack enjoys Grayson’s toys as much as he enjoys his own…

Frank let me borrow a bunch of old camera’s he’s been holding on to for a while including an old Agfa Box camera that was his first camera, a Rolleicord IV, that was his Dad’s, and his Nikon F1 with a really nice 55mm macro lens and a bunch of assorted attachments. I’ve been playing with them since I got home, and have shot three rolls of film already. I’m gonna have to learn a lot to get good with any of them though.

We worked on the Scout a little, dropping the fuel tank and replacing part of the fuel line, and I used a couple of old rags and some soap and water to clean out the interior a little. Hopefully Jack will get to drive it someday, if we can keep it in good enough condition for 14 more years.

Christine and I actually stayed awake long enough on New Year’s Eve to see the ball drop (which I can’t believe). Then we watched a lot of football while in Dallas, and spent New Year’s day watching USC with Michael.

The drive home was better than the drive up, and we made it back to Austin in 3 hours instead of 4. Photos from the Kamp Family Christmas here.

We’re all enjoying 2007 so far, and look forward to a good year, and hope you do too.

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