Yesterday, Christine and I flew into Houston around 3:30, though our flight should have landed about 30 minutes earlier. The weather in Houston was pretty bad, so we just flew in circles for a while. The flight was great though, and the plane was only about half full. I finally got the chance to read my first Fast Company issue cover to cover. There were some great articles in that one.

Anyways, after we got our bags, we headed to the Avis bus. The driver dropped us off at the Avis Preferred counter, and we were given a free upgrage, so we chose to rent a Mitsubishi Diamante – fully loaded. Great car, and great service. Need some Avis coupons? Here are some that I use a lot.

We called Debbie on our way to her house, and she said that she and Sherrie didn’t need any help with the flowers, so we should just head on over to the hotel, so we did. Evan, Reese, and Jason ‘Zippy’ Zwahr were already there, so while Christine took a bath, I went up to the boy’s rooms to say hi. We went and bought a 12 pack of beer, and drank a little of it before heading to the rehersal.

The rehersal started at 7:00pm, and everyone was there on time, except for the maid of honor. She flew in from Atlanta, and couldn’t find the place, so we went a head without here. She eventually made it later, and we caught her up.

At 8:00, we all headed towards Katy to eat at the Cafe Red Onion. Mom and Debbie did a great job picking this place for the rehersal dinner. Talk about good food, and a great bar… wow! Michael (Christine’s older brother) was able to make it to the dinner, and it was great to see him.

We also got to see Bussy Fox and Kari, Reese’s little cousin. She’s now 16, and beautiful. I still remember her being 4 years old, and telling me that one day she’d marry me. Kari’s now running track in high-school and is looking forward to heading to college.

Mrs. Payton and Mi-ma Payton were there, and Maxine and ‘Cap’ Hillboldt were there. Great seeing them again too. We got to catch up on everyone and find out how things are going. It was really great to see them all.

The family was also there, and Shadel’s family was a lot of fun. The girls in the wedding all got a special desert, called a bride’s maid’s cake, that had little charms in it for them. Each charm meant something, and Christine pulled the one out that said your wishes will come true. (I hope she’s wishing for money).

Did I say how good the food was? If you get a chance to eat at a Red Onion in Houston sometime, do it. Order the Seafood Enchiladas, and you won’t be sorry.

Afterwards, the boys all headed out for a little ‘guy’ entertainment. I went to bed at 5am. It was a blast hanging out with Evan and his friends.

The wedding starts in a couple of hours, so I’m going to take a nap now.

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