Jack and I were up one morning, and Jack found some buttery waffle cookies in the pantry … So I took some photos of him eating them… Mmmmm… they were good…

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Last weekend, Christine asked me to take the kids to the park for the morning, to give her some time to get some things done.

So I did.

I also too the camera with me, and took a bunch of photos.

Towards the end of the trip (right before we ate lunch), Jack and Grayson started getting really dirty. They were throwing dirt at each other and loving it.

I snapped this photo, and I think it’s definitely my favorite photo of Grayson, ever… at least for now…

Just a little dirty…

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Pat Green sings a song called “John Wayne and Jesus” and I pretty much dig it… just good song writing, in my mind, and a catchy tune.

So, I got Jack to say a few of the lines:

I Love John Wayne and Jesus


Jesus is one pretty cool dude

I’m looking forward to playing that back to him when he’s 30 someday.

[Note: The recordings of Jack are in AAC format, and may require Quicktime to play on a Windows computer. Get it from Apple]

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