Here’s the official announcement on my new job:

John Engler has been named Director of Technology Sales at 24/7 Real Media.
In this role, he will be calling on publishers to talk to them about 24/7 Real Media’s award winning ad-serving solution Open AdStream, analytics technology Insight XE, and Insight ACT, 24/7 Real Media’s new behavioral targeting solution for publishers. John begins his role with 24/7 Real Media on September 27th, and will be responsible for the central region of the US.
Prior to joining 24/7 Real Media, John held the position of Online Sales Manager at the Austin American-Statesman for two years, where he laid the foundation for a strong online advertising sales force and team for

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Forgot to write about this, but I was going through our photos earlier today, and I realized that I forgot to post the ones I have from Labor Day weekend.

This past Labor Day, Evan, Shadel, Ella, Christine and I, met Debbie and Raymond out at the lake house in Lakeway on Friday night. Raymond cooked out, and we enjoyed chatting outside on the patio.

On Saturday, The boys went out in the backyard and tore up the weeds and ivy that were infesting the flower beds, while the girls shopped, and then we all took a break in the pool. We took a nap or two sometime during the day.

We played poker that evening, before retiring to bed.

Then on Sunday, Ella took a bath, and Greg, Cheri, Paige, Patrick and Matthew came up for the day. We took another nap or two sometime during the day.

We all played and had a good time before cooking out again. On Monday we got up and all headed back to our respective homes.

The photos are online here, and there are some great shots of the kids mixed in. Click the big photo to advance.

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Stuff from the weekend:


  • Accepted a job offer from 24/7 Real Media.
  • I gave my boss 2-week notice that I’m taking a new job at 24/7 Real Media starting on September 27th (that was tough to do… loved the old job and the old boss)
  • Christine took me to dinner at Moonshine in downtown (great dinner).

  • Mowed the Lawn.
  • Painted the first coat on the walls in the master bedroom.
  • Caulked the guest bathroom.
  • Attended a very fun baby shower that Erin, Debra, Cindy, and Elise threw for us. (see photos) (see josh’s photos also)
  • Fell asleep (exhausted) on the guest bed.

  • Woke up at 7:30 am, due to the fact that I fell out of the too small guest bed.
  • Bought donuts for the wife and myself.
  • Watered the dying grass in the front yard (our sprinkler system broke, and it took me a few weeks to notice).
  • Painted the final coat in the master bedroom.
  • Christine oiled the antiques my mom gave us. (Thanks so much mom — they’re gorgeous!)
  • Set up the antiques in the guest bedroom (they look good).
  • Watered the back yard.
  • Ripped a copy of GlenGarry GlenRoss for Josh.
  • Bought a crib and mattress for the baby.
  • Came home and did nothing until we went to bed.

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Last Thursday Christine and I had an ultrasound done. And we got pictures!

The doctors said everything was going fine: two arms, two legs, two hands, two feet, one head, spinal cord looks fine, kindeys, liver, heart, head… it all looked good to them.

We turned our heads when they checked the privates of the baby, so we still don’t know what sex the baby is: we’re waiting for the surprise.

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