Baby Ella turned one week old this past weekend… and she had lots of visitors all weekend.

Christine and I went down to Bellville and spent the weekend with Evan and Shadel, and had some fun times with the new little girl of the family. She’s truly a darling little baby, and is extremely well mannered. She makes the funniest faces, and poses for the camera well:

Ella has many caring people in her life, and we’re all blessed to know her.

There’s more pictures of Ella here to look at… see her taking her first car ride, taking a first bath, thinking hard and looking beautiful.

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Well, she did it. Ella Christine was born to Evan and Shadel on Saturday, March 13th, 2004 at 10:22 pm.

She came into this world after about 18 hours of labor… poor Shadel was a trooper through all of it…

Ella is a beautiful little baby (see all of the photos here), and very well mannered.

She’s passing all of her tests with flying colors while at the hospital.Evan and Shadel are being model parents, and all of the grandparents, uncles and aunts and everyone else are very proud of them and Ella.

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Evan and Shadel are close to having their baby… only 9 more days until Shadel is due.

Shadel is doing fine… enjoying these final few days…We’re all looking forward to March 17th.

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