On the way to Easter this year, Christine and I spotted a huge patch of bluebonnets right as we entered Washington County. So, we pulled over the car and took some photos of the boys in the blue bonnets:

More here, if you’re interested.

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This year, my mom, threw a huge bash at her house for Easter. There must have been 50 people there, even though the weather was horrible, and we were all wet and cold 😉

Everyone that came (lots of family and friends) gathered inside where there was plenty of warmth, thanks to the gas fire place and heaters scattered about. And food, oh, boy, talk about food. It was a huge potluck… chicken, meat trays, veggies, pasta, and more…

And, then, to top off all of the good conversation, the Easter Bunny showed up and treated all of the kids to photos on his lap, and gifts from his basket:

There are lots more photos from Easter Saturday here.

On Sunday, we all went to church, and when we got home, we took some family portraits in the front yard (the weather was perfect for family photos on Sunday)

I also took some random photos of Grayson and other things. Those photos are here.

And how can you not fall in love with this photo of Grayson in pure amazement at the wind blowing on his face:


Hopefully next year the weather will cooperate, and the other 50 people that didn’t make it (the weather was that bad folks) can make it too!

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I took these three photos a little while ago, and finally found time to stich them together:

a mother's love

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This is too funny not to post:

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Poor Jack got a strep infection last week, after we got home from Bellville. He hasn’t felt good all week, and on Saturday, four days after seeing Doc Treybig last week, we went to see her again.

She said he was still sick, and his ears looked worse than before. So she changed his antibiotic and gave him a S-H-O-T. Ouch.

In fact, the little guy had to get two shots, because the nurse screwed up the first one. Double ouch.

We missed Maly’s first birthday party today because Jack still has strep, and Christine wasn’t feeling well this morning. I’m sure that her feeling bad has nothing to do with the copious amounts of alcohol she consumed last night at the Project Flamingo party we attended.

I’ve been parenting all three of them all day, but managed to get the taxes done today too, and believe it or not we’re getting somemoney back this year. First time that’s happened in 5 years.

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This morning, Grayson woke up so happy. He was laying there kicking, and squealing, and laughing…

I got up with him around 6 a.m. and we went out to the couch, and we’ve been playing since then (it’s 6:45 now). He’s such a happy baby in the morning, and so much fun. I forgot how much personality a little non-speaking baby can have.

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