Rooster in My Body

Last night, Christine and I went to see a movie while Aunt Peggy came over to baby-sit the boys for us. We saw 10,000 B.C. which was very good.

When we got home, Aunt Peggy had to tell us a story:

She was putting Jack down for bed, and it was time to put on his Huggies for the night.

So she told him, “Jack, let’s take off your under-pants and put your Huggies on”.

Jack said “No, I want to put the huggies on over my underpants.”

Peggy replied “Jack, I really think you should put the Huggies on, and then we can put your underpants over them, so that if you have an accident, you won’t get all wet.”

Jack told her “But I have a rooster in my body that will wake me up if I have to go potty and I won’t have an accident.”

Peggy told us that she couldn’t really argue with that logic, so Jack was sleeping with a pair of underpants on, and a pair of Huggies pull-ups over his underpants.

We just sat there and laughed with her in the kitchen when she told us that.

Cock-a-doodle-doo everybody!

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