Jack’s First Birthday Party

On Saturday the 26th, we packed the house with 25-30 people to celebrate Jack’s First Birthday at a Party all for him. Honestly this is the most people we’ve had at the house since we moved in, and I’m glad no one else showed up… the house was pretty full with just 25 people here…

The Buckaroo theme was in full force, and Jack wore his trusty bandana through the whole party, just in case some of the rustlers in attendance stirred up too much dust.

Here are some photos from Jack’s First Birthday:

See the rest here.

Also, here’s a video from the party. It’s a really big file, so if you’re not on cable or DSL internet, don’t bother… we’ll show it to you next time you visit:

Again, that movie is huge, so if you’d rather watch a smaller version that’s about half that size, follow this link. They’re both still pretty big movies… sorry about that. If the movie doesn’t work for you, follow the link to “Download Quicktime” on the right side of the englers.org homepage, and get the latest version for your computer.

Talk about some cool presents … many many great toys that Jack is still getting out of their packaging this week. Thanks all, very much. Very, very much. The party was a lot of fun for us, and I hope it was for our guests… it meant a lot to us to have everyone there.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jack! Josh and I are sorry we couldn’t be with you on your special day, but we were there in spirit.

    Mary, I hope you didn’t get the “fun” diaper the next morning.

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