Happy Birthday Jack

One year ago today, Jack was born at 3:45 p.m.:

Today, I took some photos with a new camera that Marc Swendner is letting me borrow for the weekend:

Grandmother and Grandad showed up around 2:20, and Grandmother put me down for my afternoon nap. Grandad put together a present for me while Jack was napping.

When Jack got up, we got Jack dressed, so we could take some more photos. We went out into the backyard, and took some photos with the present Grandad made for Jack. A brand new hand-made picnic table:

We also took a photo of Jack in one of Daddy’s favorite t-shirts:

The idea behind taking a photo of Jack in that shirt is that we’ll hold onto it until Jack is 18, and we’ll take a photo of him in that t-shirt on every birthday, so we have a record of how big he’s getting relative to that t-shirt. Should be a fun tradition (as long as we don’t loose that shirt).

After taking photos in the backyard, we headed to Highland Mall to take some photos with Santa:

Jack enjoyed meeting Santa for the first time, and Santa was impressed with how good he was for only being one year old.

When we got home, Mary and Christine worked together to make a Havarti Chicken dish with green chiles, mushrooms, an italtian sauce, and havarti cheese. It was really good. We all sat down for dinner, and Jack ate… and then opened a few presents from his parents:

We finished up the evening with a fun bath with our new “Noah” bath toy:

Here’s all of the photos from today:

update: I wanted to point out that these photos were all taken with Marc Swendner’s Canon EOS-D60 [link to a good review], which is a high-end digital SLR. Marc was kind enough to let me borrow it for Thanksgiving, as well as 3 lenses, so I’ve been playing with a wide-angle lens, two telephoto lenses, the flash settings and other settings on the camera. I’m thouroughly impressed with the lift in quality from my Canon Powershot 410 to this SLR… I’m going to have to work on talking Christine into letting us buy this camera from Marc for Christmas 😉

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  1. Happy Birthday Jack! What great pictures (and hope you don’t mind, but I think I’m going to borrow the T-shirt photo idea from you guys for Jordan!).

  2. What a cutie pie! Your little Jack seems like such a happy baby. I hope our Jack has such a nice disposition. The t-shirt idea is fantastic, especially since daddy-to-be Dan has an extensive collection we can pick from.

    Thanks for writing with the idea!
    All best, Kerry

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