Boy Band

A week ago, or so, Jack and Grayson grabbed their guitars and a harmonica and sang songs to Christine and I, so I set the experience to some Jack Johnson, and edited the clips a little. Here’s the result:

Boy Band Movie

After watching it, Jack asked me “Daddy, did you name me after Jack Johnson?” so I got to tell him a little about his Uncle Jack, who he is really named after… which was a nice memory.

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  1. Appears Grayson did not care much for the harmonica. ‘the times they are a changing sort of stuff. Who was that bum? He played the harmonica, gitfiddle and maybe even cymbals between his knees. Can’t remember his name. I do remember he could not sing but did so in anycase.

    The boys did a good job. Don’t care much for your music though. A little too black.

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