Jack Rides a Bike (without training wheels)

On Saturday, Christine and I took Jack and Grayson to Anderson High, here in Northwest Hills Austin, so that he could ride his bike on the running track around the football field without his training wheels. Christine figured he’d be less scared if he knew that the track was softer than concrete, or the road out in front of our house. It also helped that there weren’t any cars on the track to worry about.

They boys had a blast:

After riding bikes for a good thirty-minutes or so, we headed back to the car.

On the way back to the car Jack said “This is the best day of my life.” Christine just about melted when she heard that.

She did good recommending that we go to the track to ride bikes.

5 Replies to “Jack Rides a Bike (without training wheels)”

  1. Way to go, Jack! He’s a natural. I loved it when he clapped for himself on his first fall. I have to admit I got a little choked up. Where did that baby go?

  2. Elise he had sooo much fun riding his bike by himself. And it totally took me back to the first time I rode without training wheels, but Jack didn’t have to ride home with bloody knees. They’re growing up man. All of them.

  3. Really good ride. If I had not been told I would have not guessed it was his first time without training wheels. Grayson did well too.

    I did notice that Jacks legs seemed a little cramped. I think the seat on this bike could be raised a few inches. That might also make his bike easier to ride.

  4. Nice Jack! Great idea Christine and I love your production work John.

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