Grocery Store Trip and “the best Daddy ever”

Today, Jack and I took a trip to the grocery store while Grayson napped… so Christine could relax and read a book, and so Jack and I could spend some quality time together (why is it that every trip to the grocery store takes an hour at least?)

We had a blast, and on top of that, actually got everything Christine put on our grocery list (I have always forgotten at least one thing).

We passed a “Hot Wheels” display on an end cap, and Jack wanted one. He started whining, and I said “Ok, if you want that Hot Wheels that bad, we’ll just have to leave everything else right here, and go home right now.” He knew better… and knew we needed food, so he put it back.

Then a little later, he wanted some SeaMonkey’s that were hanging on a display on the aisle, and I said “those aren’t on Mommy’s List, so we can’t get them. If it’s not on Mommy’s list we aren’t getting it.” He didn’t whine, so I knew I had a winner.

Then on the baking/chocolate/mixes aisle, he asked for cornbread. But it wasn’t on Mommy’s List. I was in a tough spot.

I acquiesced and told him “Ok, let’s get the cornbread.”

Jack turned around in the cart and said “Daddy, you’re the best Daddy ever. Thank you for getting me cornbread. I want to give you a hug.”

I said “Right now” and he said “yes, Daddy! Right now!”

So I bent over, and he gave me a hug on aisle 18 at the local HEB.

Made my day.

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