More photos

I posted a lot of photos the other day, and haven’t had time to write full entries for them all, so here’s a list of the photos, with some comments:

  • Lakeway, November 27, 2008: We had a blast out at Debbie and Raymond’s lakehouse for Thanksgiving. Cheri and Greg brought their kids up, and we all played. I got some good photos of the kids being kids, making cookies, making smores, eating smores, eating the gingerbread-man cookies they’d made, and generally having fun.
  • Hardin Kids, November 29, 2008: Cheri asked me if I’d take some photos of the kids for their Christmas card, so I did. I’m pleased with the four options we came up with for them. Great kids + great parents = great photos.
  • Hot Chocolate, December 10, 2008: Just some fun posed photos of Jack and Grayson drinking hot chocolate at the dinner table on a cold-ish December day.
  • Friends’ Christmas Party, December 14, 2008: We went over to Joan and Ted’s house, to have a little Christmas party with Leo, Lydia, Joan, Ted, and a friend. The kids made cookies, traded gifts, Ted smoked meat all day for dinner, and then we all headed the Luminaries show at the Texas Wildflower Center. There are some great photos of the kids, Blue Santa, and good friends in this set.

I have more to write about, and more photos to post, so stay tuned!

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