First Words

Grayson is a talker… boy is that kid a talker. Right now, he doesn’t say many words, but he sure does talk alot.

His first word was “Jack”, his big brother’s name. On September 29th, Jack and I were at an Aggie game in College Station all day… and Grayson and Christine were in Austin, at the house. Grayson kept crawling all over the house, looking for stuff to do, and Christine finally asked him “Are you looking for Jack?” Grayson replied, “Daaaat”.

Christine said “Jack?” and Grayson said “Dat.”

So, Christine started walking around the house calling for Jack: “Ja-aaack!” and Grayson followed around behind her yelling “Da-aaaaat!”



Over and over again…

And when we got home from the game, which was right before Grayson’s bedtime, Grayson freaked out when we walked in the door… “Da-aaaat!”

It was pretty cool to know that Grayson loves his brother, missed him a lot, and knows how to call his name.

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  1. Evan would say “where’s my brother?” He was little little. But he loved his big brother.
    When you were gone or just in the other
    ” I want my brother.”

    the mom

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