Photo update

You may be wondering if we’re still taking photos of Jack or Grayson, since we haven’t posted any since July.

The short answer is: yes, we’re taking photos and movies. In fact, here’s a list of galleries I’ve posted, but haven’t linked to yet:

  • Jack and Grayson – Just some random photos from October 8th.
  • Aggies vs. OSU – Christine, Jack and I drove down to watch A&M play Oklahoma State. It was a tough game, and Jack didn’t nap on the way to College Station. In fact, when Christine asked Jack if he would take a nap, he said “No, I can sleep at the Aggie game.” Little did we realize that he would fall asleep not too long after half-time, and remain asleep the entire 3rd and 4th quarters. Christine held him for the 3rd quarter, and I held him through the 4th and carried him all the way to the car.
  • The Morning – just some totally random photos of Jack, Grayson and Wesley the morning before we drove down to the Aggie vs. Oklahoma State game.
  • Popsicles! – This was a fun day. Jack and Grayson and I went outside with two fruit popsicles, and ate them as the sun set… it was pretty messy by the time we were done eating them.
  • Grayson’s Boob Tube – Grayson on his caterpillar chair, watching the TV.
  • Ella and Jack – in Bellville at Ella’s house.
  • BandAids – Jack loves to wear BandAids, and puts them where ever he has a “bo bo”
  • Jack at School – from Jack’s first day of school this year… outside with his backpack.

The long answer is: yes, we’re taking photos and movies, but because of all the stuff going on in our lives, we’re not taking time to look at them like we did three months ago, and finding time to actually post them online has proven difficult. Which is why I’m now posting this at 1:30 in the morning… had to find time to do it, and this is when I found it.

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