Baby Signs

Jack, Christine and I went to Gymboree on Monday night, to attend Jack’s second Baby Signs class.

Wow! Jack had soooo much fun, it’s hard to write about it, so instead, I give you these three photos of Jack playing on the Gymboree equipment prior to the class (click to see larger versions):

We got there early and played on the Gymboree equipment for 15 minutes or so, and then, when everyone that was in the class had arrived, the teacher corraled us all into the Baby Signs room.

We (us and about 5 other parents/kids combinations) say in a circle on the floor (made of soft squishy material) with our kids in front of us. The kids when wild, crawling all over each other, and playing with the community owned toys.

Jack wasn’t scared at all, or shy, which is good. He also didn’t have any concerns about germs, as he was easily gumming and chewing any toy he could hold on to. One of the kids is 15 months, and the rest are about 11 months old. The 15 month old is definitely more mobile, and into everything… he also throws louder temper tantrums than the rest of the kids.

Watching the parents was also interesting, because while Christine and I were satisfied to let Jack chew on whatever he wanted, even if another kid had just put a toy down, there was one parent there that wouldn’t let her kiddo play with anything another kid had touched… well, she’d let her baby play with it, but not put it in her mouth. Most of the parents didn’t care, though we all had to watch out for the 15 month old running over our own kids, or stealing toys from. It was interesting to watch the group dynamics.

The kids were an absolute joy to watch. They played, and sang songs, while we all signed the words in the songs to them. This week was “Bathtime” words, so we learned “duck” and “water” and “bath” and “frog” and best of all: “bubbles.”

The teacher got out two bins of water, with little baby dolls, and we bathed them, and played in the water. Lots of wet fun!

Then she got out a bubble maker, and blew bubbles in the air. Jack went nuts! He was crawling all over the room trying to pop all of the bubbles, and doing a pretty good job of it. It was so much fun to watch.

I’m looking forward to next week’s class already.

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