After we went to Baby Signs class on Monday night, we headed to Josh and Elise’s for some smoke Alaskan King Crab and Chicken Salad.

And, boy, was it good!

When we got to their house, Jack played with Riley, their cat, and tried to steal a kiss from him… Jack liked Riley, because he’s let him get close enough to pet him (Patton runs away pretty quickly when Jack is in the vicinity).

On to the crab and salad:

The King Crab was left over from a catering that Elise did this past weekend. And it was huge. Really huge. Here’s a photo of one crab leg on a plate. Here’s Josh holding one. Here’s a photo of the bag of crab legs… there were so many. I think Josh and I ate 8 or 9 crab legs together, and there were still 8 or 9 left. And man, were they good. Chef Happy (he cooked them) did a great job.

For the girls (pregnant Elise and sensitive stomach Christine can’t eat a lot of shellfish), Josh make grilled chicken salads with his special “poblano, cilantro & avocado” salad dressing, cheese, and pomegranate seeds. The salads were pretty damn good too… actually, I didn’t try the salad, but I did taste the salad dressing and it was amazng and Christine cleared her plate… and I helped pick the pomegranate seeds out of the fruit for him, and they were really good.

Our plates were full of crab shells when it was all said and done.

After dinner, Christine and I decided to stay over with Josh and Elise, instead of waking Jack up for the drive home, so…

Josh and I retired to the deck, with his laptop and some refreshments. Christine and Elise stayed inside talking.

We took some fun photos outside: Headshot without a head, Ahhhh!, That’s gonna hurt tomorrow, Annie’s “not sure about this” pose, Surreal Josh and real Jack, Really gonna hurt tomorrow, Fuzzy girls.

After we drained a good 3/4 or 4/5 of that bottle, we turned in for the night. 5:30 a.m. (when Jack woke up on Tuesday) came real early.

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