Ella makes the big city newspaper

…well, sort of…

On March 21st, I got a photo of Ella in the bluebonnets, from Shadel. The photo was too cute, so I forwarded it to my friend Christian at the Statesman, and asked him to put together his “wildflower photo gallery” again this year.

Christian sent me back a one-line email: “Please don’t make me do it again” … I know that building the photo gallery for the paper is a lot of work for an overworked guy… so I felt his pain, but I sent him back an email begging him to do it.

I hadn’t thought about it again, until Christine pointed out to me today, that Ella was on Statesman.com.

Woohoo! My niece’s photo is part of the newspaper’s website. That’s soooo cool. I remember being a kid, and thinking it was cool to have my track photo, or Boy Scout troop photo in the Bellville Times.

I think it’s just too damned cool that Ella made it onto Statesman.com.

Cool Beans. She’s so cute, and in my opinion the cutest little girl in Statesman.com’s wildflower photo gallery.

I gotta buy Christian a beer for putting together the photo gallery. Love it!

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