Clearing the photo queue

We’ve been busy with Christmas for the past week or so, and that’s the primary reason you haven’t seen an update on this website lately, but…

I took some time this evening to edit and post a few more photo galleries:

  • Josh and Jack – Josh and Elise visited on 12/22, and I snapped a few shots of Josh with Jack
  • Elise and Jack – Elise came over to take some photos of Jack at the 4 week old mark. I snapped a few of her as well…
  • 4 weeks old – We took some photos with our little digital camera, as Elise took some photos with her good film camera. These are the digital ones.
  • Jack and Mommy – Just a few cute photos of Jack and his mommy.
  • Jack and Daddy – A few cute photos of Jack and his daddy.

Coming later this week (hopefully): Photos from the annual Teaff family Christmas gathering in Houston, some photos of Ella that Grandma had on CD last time she visited, and possibly even another movie or two from Christmas.

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