Grandma Engler visits Jack

This week, Grandma came to visit Jack, Christine and I, because I was flying to Tulsa for work on Tuesday. (Sorry Tulsa family… I meant to call, I promise).

So, while I flew up to Oklahoma for work, Grandma Engler came to cover for me while I was out of town, and to help out during the day while I was at work. She stayed until today (Thursday).

While she was here, Grandma cooked some amazing meals, like homemade chicken soup (with some really good homemade noodles) and a fantastic potroast. Both meals are in the fridge, and will feed us for a few days still. She also brought up some Bellville Meat Market Sausage (always a crowd pleaser) and cooked steaks, asparagas for dinner one night when Brad and Kim came over.

Christine was able to get out of the house one night thanks to Grandma, and Christine had a good time with her friends at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar.

Here are a few recent photo galleries from the recent past, starting with the ones from Grandma Engler’s visit:

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