First Christmas, White Christmas

This Christmas was Jack and Ella’s first Christmas.

What a special Christmas is was too. It snowed in Houston on Christmas Eve. Who’d have guessed Jack and Ella might get a white Christmas on their first Christmas … in Houston!?

We all met in Houston at Aunt Debbie’s for the annual Teaff family Christmas on Christmas Eve, along with about 40 other people (maybe more). Debbie and Raymond truly are fantastic hosts, and we’re thankful they continue to host Christmas for the whole family, year after year.

Jack and Ella were looking forward to seeing Santa. Jack was also anticipating meeting the rest of the Teaff side of the family, as this was his first outing to meet the family.

Ella is now 9 months old, and Jack is one month old.

All of the kids and adults had a wonderful time at Christmas… heck, even Wesley enjoyed himself, much to the dismay of one of Raymond and Debbie’s guest.

Presents were exchanged and Santa came and handed out gifts. He also asked everyone in attendance what they wanted for Christmas as they all sat on his lap. Poor ol’ Santa’s knees sure got a work-out (there were lots of families that Santa granted family pictures to, including ours).

I think everyone got what they wanted for Christmas, most of all, everyone seems to be in good health and great spirits, and looking forward to 2005.

I’ve put some photos from Christmas online here. Bless you all this holiday season and Happy New Year!

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