Baby Gifts for Christmas

Just in case you need some inspiration for Christmas gifts for a baby this year, I read this article on CBSMarketwatch about what makes good gifts. Let me point out a few specific items I saw:

Tiffany for BabyCold hard metal always makes a nice gift for babies. Especially the discerning type. Little babies need cold hard things to chew on as they get their teeth, so these gifts will end up serving dual purposes,

If you’re not into hard cold metal as a gift this Christmas, there are always nice comfy plush toys from some retailers. Instead of settling for those plush Elmos and why not turn to a fine cashmere and wool brand that has staying power:

Hermes baby

Just wanted to give ideas to anyone that might be having a hard time thinking of things to get new babies.

(all posted in jest… I can’t believe they make this stuff for babies)

December 02 @ 22:50:13

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