Jack is One Week Old

Yesterday we took John Robert “Jack” to his first visit to our pediatrician Dr. Treybig.

He was so good on his first outing away from the house. It was really nice for Christine to get out too.

He received an excellent report! He is 7 lbs. 5 oz. now which made us so proud and relieved that he is gaining weight and getting proper nutrition. Dr. Treybig said that Jack looks perfect.

Jack with Dr. Treybig

We go again next week for his blood screening tests and at two months he will get his first round of immunizations. Dr. Treybig recommended that we wait until six to eight weeks of age before we take him around large groups of people. So we may be changing our holiday plans a little bit.

Jack’s first Christmas may be a quiet one at home. We’re looking forward to January when we’ll be able to travel and visit family and friends.

He’s sleeping really well in his crib in-between feedings, which is something we learned is important to establish now. Hopefully he’ll grow accustomed to sleeping in his crib as he grows older, so that mom and dad can get some sleep at night as we progress towards longer nights.

So, at this juncture, I present a few galleries of photos we’ve taken over the past week:

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