Thank you for Grandparents

Mary and Frank (Grandmother and Granddad, as we think they’ll come to be called) left Austin today after spending almost two full weeks with us.

We’re very thankful that they were able to stay with us for these past 12 days, and very thankful for all they’ve done to help us get through this crucial first couple of weeks (like laundry help, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, helping out with (basically doing all of the) yard work, installing fire-alarms, changing dirty diapers, putting up the Christmas tree, and putting little Jack to sleep… and sooo much more).

Don’t worry Frank and Mary, we’ll post a new photo or video of Jack every couple of days so you can keep up with his growth (and I’m sure Christine will call often.

The family
Jack is 12 days old today, and he was sad to see Mary and Frank leave (so were Chrstine and I).

Love you guys.

Next up in the hot-seat of visiting: Grandma Engler will be here on the 13th or 14th for a few days… can’t wait!

Oh, and yes, this means tonight will be our first night as a family by ourselves at home on our own… hope we all make it through the night just fine!

And since I’ve got the first shift, I’ve decided to post a few more photo galleries:

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