happy anniversary

Today (May 23rd) is our 4th wedding anniversary. Congratulations can be sent here, or you can paypal us, if you forgot to send a gift. 😉

For our anniversary, I gave Christine an aquamarine pendant and matching earing set that she’s been looking at. She told me “I found what I wanted in Zales, and the guy behind the counter was really nice.” That’s all I had to go on, so after work today, I stopped in to Zales to find out what she really wanted. The first tip that I was going to enjoy this little endeavor was that the particular Zales I was at only employed one male, and he was the jeweler, you know, the guy in the back that doesn’t ever see customers. So, I sort of guessed to myself that Christine had no idea what store she was really in when she found what she wanted, so I walked down to Gordon’s. I know Christine’s taste and there wasn’t much in Zales that she’d like.

So, in Gordon’s I asked the people if they’d see my wife yesterday… I was encouraged that there was at least one guy behind the counter, but no one remembered Christine looking at Aquamarine pendants. So, we walked over to the counter, and I looked at what they had. One piece was really pretty, and right up Christine’s alley. It was in the price range she’d told me about, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I bought the necklace and earings, and asked them to wrap it up for me, which they were happy to do.

I came home and put the package next to Patton’s cat food. When Christine came home, I asked her to “feed your cat”. She obliged, and came out of the utility room bag in hand. Big smile in place.

So, she went into the kitchen, and I followed. She opened the bag, and said “oh my gosh, you got exactly what I wanted!” She was pretty excited (her hands were shaking) You see, Christine saw the Gordon’s bag and was sure that I’d bought the wrong thing… remember, she thought she found what she wanted at Zales, so the fact that it was the exact right thing just floored her.

So, mission accomplished… I was on top of the world, and so was Christine.

After that little episode, Christine and I went to CompUSA and bought an iBook and Airport Base Station, and I’m now typing this from the bed, about to go to sleep (been a long day). I love that girl.

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