I just figured out why Alias is so popular.

Netflix raised some 82.5 million yesterday [NYT subscription required]. Hope they give some of it back to the subscribers that have been with them since 1999. (thanks Dave)

I’ve been using Netscape 7.0 PR1 at work on the Mac lately, and I must say that i’m in love with the tabbed browsing.

Ordered a 256MB RAM chip for the new iBook today from Ramjet. Great retailer — Aaron’s always a pleasure to buy from, and the price was like $40 less than CompUSA’s price, and I know the quality will be better.

Josh sent me a link to this article by Joshua Allen at webmonkey. It’s a fun look at all the different ways to set up a weblog. If you’re interested, read on… otherwise, don’t ask me how I built this site 😉 BTW, Josh updated Janicek.com to use php-nuke today, the same stuff that we use for englers.org. look for me to add the RSS feed to a sidebar next week hopefully…

Also, Doc posted a link to Open-Source Fight Flares At Pentagon: Microsoft Lobbies Hard Against Free Software. When will Microsoft die, or will they at all? Heh… M$ called open-source software “Un-American” — since when is getting stuff for free and selling it to someone for a profit not completely American? Also, this long story at Business 2.0 talks about how people are competing with Microsoft (there are some nuggets in here for all of us) [thanks Cam]

Lastly, I think all I need for the house now is an iToilet, and we’ll be set.

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