to buy an Aeron, or not to buy an Aeron?

From today’s Aggie Hotline:

Sitting Down on the Job Is Not Such a Bad Thing to Ergonomist Gordon VosGordon Vos, an assistant professor in the Ergonomics Center of the Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES), studied pressures on the posterior while people sit in chairs. Vos’ 2001 doctoral analysis of buttock/thigh pressure and a dozen top ergonomic chairs also looked at the importance of armrests and posture. “Chair construction was the most significant factor in lowering peak pressure. Armrests and posture didn’t make much difference when compared to the chair design,” said Vos, who noted nearly 75 percent of all work in industrial countries is done while seated. Vos also found that men experience more pressure on their bottoms when sitting in chairs than females. He added that while more research was needed to determine why, he thought it was probably due to weight. An online version of this story — including photos — is available.

Think about that next time you look at buying an Aeron.

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