Friday, the end of the week, May 10th

Today at work, I adjusted my screen resolution to 1152×870 from 1024×768. It’s just a little bit bigger, but seems so much larger. I’m not too pleased with the change because the monitor gets pretty fuzzy at this resolution.

Also, we took a tour of AdRelevance today from Joe Bunner, our contact at Neilsen//Netratings (Joe’s an excellent guy, if you’re looking for good data on anything to do with the internet, call him: 512.343.0101, and tell him I said hello). The product is awesome. It’s got so many facets to it: Ad Sales Research, Competitive Analysis, Partnership Compliance checking, all sorts of uses. I love it.

Other than that, I didn’t do a whole lot at work it seems… mainly just account maintenance and building a few RFPs. Our Adblocks installation is much more solid now, and I can use it for just about every piece of my daily sales routine. It’s really useful for a sales process routine (daily tasks, call lists, etc…) I’d recommend it to any ad sales person.

If you’re interested at all in the next version of MacOS X, read the O’Reilly recap of WWDC.

Other stuff:

Read about the ugliest buildings in the world today here. It includes the worst building I’ve ever seen, the Experience Music Project building in Seattle. ugggghhhhhly.

Have some fun at the Secret Fun spot.

Ever wonder what happened to the ยข sign?

and if that isn’t enough for your weekend… go midget-tossing.

Have a good one…

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