Update for May 9th, 2002

Today was an okay day. I drove over to Temerlin McClane to meet with some of the creative folks for the advertising campaign coming up on Bestfares.com for one of their clients. Great folks, great office, and quick trip. It’s about 40 minutes from our offices in Arlington, so I was out at 10 and back by noon, all business taken care of.

6 months ago I wasn’t really happy at work, cause most of the time, I didn’t really feel like I had anything to do… I’m one of those people that like to be busy… for the past couple of weeks I can say I’ve been busy as hell, and loving 90% of it, so I can’t complain too much. The details are still a bitch, but aren’t they always?

simplex veri sigillum

Visit MacMinute to win a new iMac… it can’t hurt to sign up.

Damn, now this is totally cool. Did you know that MacOS X can filter spam for you… all on its own… no need to buy anything, but a Mac of course.

It doesn’t matter where you work, read this if you’re interested in building a customer-based focus. Inc.com continually publishes great quick-read articles with bite sized nuggets worth reading, no matter what stage of business your in.

Thank gosh my employer doesn’t use advertising like this. Might put people into some sort of seizure.

Who’d have thought Google has a weblog or a store?

I read a post from Doc Searls today about TV advertising and it’s future from Brad Templeton:

See, what makes TV so lucrative for the networks and stations and agencies (and everybody but the guys paying for it) is its extreme inefficiency and persistent unaccountability of the whole system. Most advertising is wasted. But as long as there appears to be no alternative, advertisers will continue to pay for, and rationalize, the waste. But as PVRs like TiVo continuously improve the efficiency of TV viewing, they only beg more questions about the poor efficiency and accountability of TV advertising. The industries that sell that advertising doesn’t want those questions asked. The status quo is too lucrative.Make commercial TV accountable and efficient, and suddenly the sellers are making a lot less money. Ergo: no motive to change.

Hence, I sell online advertising (primarily) and the money there is so much less than TV advertising… why? Cause we can measure the hell out of it, and agencies and advertisers demand accountability… oh to sell TV advertising…

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