Today was a day for Yardwork, with a capitol Y.

I awoke around 8ish, put on some shorts and came downstairs until about 10. Christine was heading out to go do some scrapbooking with her friends, and I heard my neighbor, Joe, out doing some yardwork. I noticed that he was edging my yard (probably because he knew I was going to borrow the edger from him later anyways), so I walked outside.

Joe looks up and says “John, you’re right. It is harder to edge your lawn than mine.” To which I replied, “probably because you actually edge every time you mow, so there’s less dirt and crap in thw way of the edger when you edge.”

At that precise moment, I decided it was outside day for John. Christine was just coming out of the house, so I told her to go have fun, and didn’t mention that the yard might look different when she returns.

After she’d driven away, I went to the Plant Shed, the local nursery, and bought some edging for my flower beds and two bags of pine bark mulch (to pay Joe back for edging my yard). I came home and started digging the grass out of the front flower bed. I then installed the edging. Total time: just over an hour. And it looks great now.

When I was at the Plant Shed earlier, I saw some really nice trees that I’d like to go buy and get put in the ground today, but I have to find a truck first… more on that later, if I find one.

It’s now 2pm and its hot as hell out side (85 – 90 degrees) and very windy, so I came inside to cool off. Karen, Joe the neighbor’s wife, just ran to Sonic to buy us all lunch and I ate over there with them in their backyard. It was a pleasant break, but boy is it hot.

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