not really news, but rather something to help me fill out this website. I updated this weekend. It has a few new features (the most annoying one being a pop-up window) and we can now give Dub some great geographic reports of who and when people are visiting his website. It’s pretty neat to learn all of this new technology, and be able to apply it to something that can help a friend.

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A few weeks ago Christine and I were asked to complete a survey about Aggie Bonfire 2002. If you didn’t know, I was heavily involved with Bonfire when I was a student, even though I was a BQ. The interesting part of this survey is that the “student” part of the survey is already complete, while the former student section is taking longer to get results I suppose. If you’e like to read the results of the student’s survey, click here [PDF].

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yesterday, we took wesley to the groomers, cause I let him get too matted, and we were worried about him… so they cut off all of his hair, and now he looks pretty funny. he looks alot like Debbie and Raymond’s “Matted Dog”.

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Last night, I downloaded PHP-Nuke 5.4, the software that you’re looking at. I’m looking for something that Christine and I can use to catalog our lives, for ourselves, and for others. I want this endeavor to be something that we can look back on in 20 years, to see where we’ve been, and since we’re both at a computer all day for the most part, I figured “why not share it with people?”.

So, here goes. We’ll see if it works, and we’ll go from here. Enjoy, and if you find bugs, please email me about it.

update I’ve since upgraded this site to WordPress, so that’s what you’re looking at now.

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