Remembering Aunt Murrell

It’s hard for me to write this post.

My Great Aunt, Aunt Murrell passed away today.

Murrell was my mother’s aunt. Her mother’s sister. She was a Cato.

My mom called me this evening to tell me the news, and it sounds like Aunt Murrell passed away like she lived:

Full of grace and dignity.

Christine and I got to spend some time with Aunt Murrell back in 2005 on two occasions: We spent some time in Raleigh with her and that side of the family and then she came to Austin with two of her grandkids.

I’ve never met a woman who lived a more full life, or lived it with such grace and vitality, and who was truly sincere and committed to every action she took. Aunt Murrell is an inspiration and role model, and I can only hope when I look back on my life it was as full and honest as hers was.

You will be missed Aunt Murrell … by many. My only regret is not spending more time with you. We will remember you always.

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  1. John Robert,

    Good to see you, though the circumstances were unwelcome. I look forward to getting together again soon. A few quick things:

    First, I saw your write-up and thought it was great. Grandma was an amazing women, by any standard. Let’s hope you, me and the rest of the younguns can have half the impact she did.

    Second, I wanted to provide my email and wonder if you might help me fill out the others I don’t have from your kin. It’s up to us to serve the role grandma always has as great connector and communicator.

    Finally, I wanted to share something I thought the TX side of the clan might not be aware of — last year, I helped set up a StoryCorps interview for Grandma/Aunt Murrell. She was interviewed for an hour by Karen (my mother) about her life and recollections. It is now stored in the US Library of Congress for any to hear, and I might be able to create and share an mp3 of the recording. Not only am I so glad we did this last year, but I thought it might be a consideration for others in the family — I interviewed Karen, and Matthew interviewed Gretchen, and, as we mentioned, they interviewed Grandma/Aunt Murrell.

    Long message — sorry. My email is [email protected]. Drop a line and I’ll not post publicly in the future ;-).

    Hope you travelled safe — hugs to all.


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