Daddy’s Birthday

I woke up on this morning, and was surprised Christine had let me sleep in a little. Grayson woke me up by singing “Happy Birthday To You” to me, over and over until I got out of bed. It was pretty cute.

I smelled breakfast cooking, and got downstairs to a fresh omelet that Christine had just finished making me. Jack was still asleep, but he rolled into the kitchen not too long after me.

I helped get the kids dressed for school a little, but left for work early, because I had a lot to get done.

Worked all day. Got about a thousand “Happy Birthday” wishes via facebook, IM or email throughout the course of the day, which was touching.

Went by NxNW on the way home, to visit with a client of ours over a beer, then called Christine to let her know I’d be home soon, so she could load the kids up in the car, as we were planning on going to Chuck E Cheese’s for a small family birthday party.

I got home, walked in, and the house was dead. No activity. I suspected something was up when I spied some balloons in the kitchen, but wasn’t sure.

I walked into the kitchen, and was surprised by my family, crouching down behind the couch in the den, springing up and yelling “SURPRISE!”

It was hilarious. Grayson had the look of absolute and pure joy in his face. A look I’ll never forget. Jack was excited as all get out that he was able to surprise his Daddy.

Christine had a look of massive accomplishment in her face as she really did accomplish something amazing. (you try keeping a 4 and 2 year old quiet while Daddy unlocks the doors and takes his time putting his stuff from work away).

There was a cake on the table, and balloons in the air, and the boys were exstatic to be getting ready to have dinner and a cake.

I proceeded to cook steaks that Christine had been marinating all day. She finished up the baked potatoes and brussels sprouts (it’s okay, I LOVE brussels sprouts and so do the boys).

We had cake, and then put the boys to bed (after a bath to wash all of the icing off their faces and hands).

Overall: a great birthday. Probably one of the best I’ve had in a long while.

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  1. Glad you had a good birthday and happy birthday from us too.

    Neat picture. Good pictures of the camping too

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