BIG Trouble

Something tells me Jack knows what he did wrong today, after getting this email from Christine:

From: Christine
Subject: day from hell at 10am
Date: January 5, 2009 10:26:00 AM CST
To: John

Let me recap what has taken place since you left.

While I was in the bathroom with Grayson, Jack went upstairs and made a HUGE mess.

1) Food, water, litter, and cat poop all over the floor
2) Sweet Peas dishes in the litter box that was half dumped out because Jack wanted to get him out of there WHILE HE WAS POOPING
3) Toothpaste all over the cat kennel and bathroom
4) Bed from cat kennel in sink with water running and spilling over.
5) Did I mention cat poop all over the floor.
and best of all…
6) Sweet Pea was covered in toothpaste.
Oh, and your tooth brush was on the floor in the middle of all.

Needless to say, I was pissed.

Jack got yelled at, a spanking, and sent to his room crying for about 30 minutes while I cleaned up. Sweet Pea got a bath. When I was finally finished with everything, Grayson peed on the carpet in front of the stairs as I was coming down. I hadn’t had a chance to get a diaper on him yet.

I told Jack that Rowan would not be coming over and he has to give up Optimus Prime until after you get home and have a talk with him about what happened. I also told him that he is not allowed upstairs without our permission. If he goes up without are permission, he will be in BIG trouble. After today I think he knows what BIG trouble looks like.

I love my wife.

2 Replies to “BIG Trouble”

  1. At least it wasn’t markers and the cat or Grayson doesn’t look like a clown.Oh by the way you needed a new brush head anyway(ha,ha).

    Aunt Peggy

  2. That is awesome. I’m glad you realize and appreciate your wife! she rocks. All things to look forward to huh.

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