Where does John Fischer come from?

I found this post on Ancestry.com:

Hi looking for information/relatives on a great, great uncle WILLIAM FISCHER. Born to Martha and Johan FISCHER in Langland Denmark, approx. 1858. Immigrated to America with his brother Edward in 1881 to Iowa, moving after first year to Grayling Michigan. Died in Compton California after 1915 (?). He married Marie Johnson and had eight children two who died in infancy. THe six remaining; Mrs. Margaret ENGLER (MR. Anthony R. Engler married January 1, 1908) and William FISCHER of Madison Wisconsin, Mrs. Camilla Sorenson of Grayling MI, Mrs. Lillie McPeak and Mrs. Vita Shanahan of Grayling MI, and Mrs. Anna Hodge of California.
His other siblings: Edward, Rasmine (minnie) Otsen of Colorado, Hedwig (Rasmusson) Hanson, Emilie Sorenson, Marie Peterson, Anna Olson all of Michigan

So, it stands to reason that my great-great-grandfather William Fischer, from Langland Denmark, had a father named Johan Fischer. So the name comes from my great-great-great-grandfather from Denmark. Looks like they lived in Grayling, Michigan (from that post) which helps me figure out how the “the Engler side of your family hails from Michigan” part of the Engler history I’ve heard…

That Anthony R. Engler that married William Fischer’s daughter, Margaret Engler, was the same Anthony Engler that was my great-grandfather that was mentioned in Time in 1943, I think.

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  1. I went to school with a Toby Fischer in Des Moines, IA. I wonder if he’s distantly related to you? It wouldn’t be that far of a long shot since Madison and Des Moines are not that far from each other. Maybe some of William’s offspring settled in Iowa. Wouldn’t that be crazy to think I knew your distant cousin years before I ever even met you?

  2. Just an additional bit of trivia. Christine’s maternal great-grandparents were also married on January 1, 1905, at 12:00 noon.

  3. You can go on familysearch.org which is the Church of Latterday Saints(Mormon) and put in those names. It is free and it is the best site from what I understand to look for family history.

  4. Elise, that’s wicked crazy. And Mary, that’s pretty crazy too. And thanks for the tip Aunt Peggy.

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