Engler Manufacturing Company and John F. Engler’s patents

My grandfather John F. Engler, that is my Dad’s Dad, owned Engler Manufacturing Company in Houston, Texas back in the 60’s. Engler Manufacturing was best known for making the “Terrain King” mowers, which were the first wide-swath flex-wing highway mowers available. Engler Manufacturing Company was bought by Alamo Industrial in 1969 for $2.1 Million, today Alamo Industrial is based in Seguin, Texas, and is traded on the NYSE as ALG.

Who’d have guessed my grandfather had some patents in his name:

Pretty cool if you ask me.

I just found an listing on eBay for an ad from 1964 of a Terrain King mower. Kind of silly, but I bought it for $10, and it’ll be here later this week. I’ll frame it and we’ll hang it in the hall way I think, and be able to show Jack and Grayson what their great-grandfather used to make.

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  1. Hi:
    I just purchased an International 2544 with a Terrain King slope mower. This is the grandfather of slope mowers. It is very well designed and works very well.

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