Grayson at the Capitol

On the morning of April 8th, while waiting for Jack to get out of school, Christine took Grayson to the State Capitol building for a tour. And boy was Grayson touristy.

First he chased squirrels around the grounds:

Then he spent some time climbing back and forth over the curb in front of the building. Then Grayson checked out the little cannon out front that was given to the Republic of Texas by General Chambers in 1836:

After that it was up the steps into the building where he gave Christine a tour of the statues in the foyer:

After spending time inside, the two of them went out to the fountains in front of the building where Grayson checked out the water and started picking flowers…

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  1. What great pictures. I guess I will have to get Grayson to take me on a tour of the Capitol. I have never been inside it.

    Aunt Peggy

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