Halloween 2007

Christine posted a photo gallery on her brand new .Mac account. Go see the photos here. Needless to say, we had a blast this year at Halloween.

BTW, she’s now gushing about how easy it was to create a web page with iWeb and .Mac. That’s how Apple gets the money out of you… they make it easy.

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  1. Cute Halloween. Are you stealing their candy yet?

    RE: .mac … It may be easy, but I don’t understand a bit of how the page is put together. It validates as xhtml, but ….

    Try looking at the page with styles off (easy in Firefox). There are a few of the .mac images that show up, but none of the other pictures. Turns out they’re all javascripted into place. Which is fine if you don’t want them stolen, but when you click on a picture you get a resized version with a valid URL. So I can steal them anyway. Even though I have to download the whole image to fit into the .mac sized box. (click on the image, then “view image” and you see that it’s been resized in display only).

    Nevertheless, great work putting together a cute page of pictures Christine. Really, they do make it easy. I don’t understand why it works or the logic behind the way it’s put together, but then again I’m not a .mac kinda guy.

    back to halloween:
    Was that at a party? or at you’re place?

  2. Love the costumes of all three little ones. Looks like they had a fun time.

    Great job with the website.

    Love, Mom

  3. Phill, I think that’s part of the whole .Mac thing… you’re not supposed to care how it works, just that it does 😉

    We drove over to Josh and Elise’s house (Josh was in my wedding – highschool buddy and all that) and walked around their neighborhood in south west Austin.

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