Grayson Sitting

On May 6th, I stayed home with Grayson one morning while Christine too Jack to school.

We had fun sitting on a blanket, just talking: man to man. No one else around, just us.

I hope we have more talks like this when Grayson is older and can actually talk.

2 Replies to “Grayson Sitting”

  1. Way to steal graphics, man. You have too much time on your hands. Cute kid though. He didn’t really seem that frustrated… yet.

  2. I have seen Grayson cry but he never seems to stay unhappy for long and when he is unhappy it usually is for a good reason.

    It would be interesting to ask him what makes him so happy most of the time when he learns to talk. Or maybe just leave well enough alone. Would not want him to think his being happy is not universally normal.

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