Last night, I asked Jack to say names of family members, and here’s what we got: Jack-says-Names.mp3.

If you listen to the mp3 file, listen to these names in this order:

  • Uncle Mike
  • Papa
  • Uncle Steven
  • Uncle Evan
  • Uncle Raymond
  • Momo
  • Nana
  • Debbie
  • Aunt Peggy (sounds more like P-Aggie)
  • Uncle Mike (we were in the hallway where there’s a photo of Mike and Steven, hence the repetition of these two names)
  • Uncle Steven (ditto)
  • Aunt Shadel
  • Ella
  • Cousin Ella
  • Grayson

Cute, huh?

Then tonight, while I was editing those names, Grayson started cooing to his mommy. It was pretty adorable, especially because we think his first “coo” was so lound and unexpected that it actually scared him into making the second “coo” sound.

BTW, if you want an MP3 of Jack saying your name, just leave a comment and Paypal me $3, and you can use that MP3 as a custom ringtone on your polyphonic phone. I always knew I wanted to be in the ringtone business….

update: 11/21/2006: I just listended to the MP3 this morning, and it’s funny to me how hard it is to understand Jack still, if you don’t know his language… To clarify: He says “uncle” as if he’s saying “Buncle”. He says “Peggy” and “Shadel” all wrong, but he’s definitely saying those two names. He says Evan, Mike, Steven, Raymond, Debbie, Momo, Nana, and Papa pretty well. We’ll keep trying… He’ll be able to talk by age 5, that’s the only promise I’m making at this point. Up next, colors and numbers.

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