Announcing Grayson Garman Engler

On Saturday morning, at 5:57 a.m. Christine gave birth to our newest son:

Grayson Garman Engler

Grayson weighed 9 pounds at birth and was 21 inches long. He has a full head of dark hair and dark dark blue eyes.

Christine was awesome during the labor and delivery. She really did a great job, and I’m very proud of her.

We spent Saturday resting and visiting with family and friends, and Saturday night resting. We got upgraded to the suite at St. David’s. If you ever have a baby there, and get the chance to get into the suite… totally take advantage of it.

I got to sleep on a full sized pull-out couch, and we have plenty of room for visiting friends and family.

On Sunday, we rested more, and visited more family and friends…

Grayson is adorable (no, I’m not biased) and we all think that at first he didn’t look anything like Jack when Jack was born, but I’m starting to see resemblances as Grayson turns a day old, and now a day and a half.

He’s also got a very healthy appetite and is a much better eater than Jack was right at birth. Within 30 minutes of being born, the kid was already on mom’s breast trying to eat something. I think it too Jack a few hours to get around to trying to eat.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. We’re all doing great.

More photos here.

5 Replies to “Announcing Grayson Garman Engler”

  1. What a beautiful family you have! Such handsome little guys (you too John)! I love you guys and miss you!!

  2. Wow! My third grandbaby!!!
    He is wonderful!!!!
    I love the name and once again I have another
    adorable grandchild….see you all soon!!!!
    Love MOMO

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