Family Portraits Before the Second Kid

Christine, Jack and I took some family photos last night. You can see them here.

I had no idea how hard it is to take photos with a good camera on a timer. Ugh… we’ll have to practice that more.

The good thing was that Jack really enjoyed taking the photos.

We made it a game.

I had the camera on a tripod, and we (Jack and I) would get the camera ready to shoot, then we’d push the button, run to Christine, sit, and then all say “Cheeeeeese” until the flash went off… then run back to the back of the camera, look at the photo, move something here, tweak something there, then push the button again… and run back to Christine.

He thought it was hilarious, and was a great sport about the photos.

All said, we spent about 2 hours taking photos in the living room on Monday night.

(And yes, we’re still waiting on Jack’s little brother to come along.)

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